I am part of a wonderful online community. It spans the globe! It makes me feel so sophisticated and full of myself I can hardly stand it. Sometimes there are conference calls, and they occur on various days and at various times on purpose so that the Scots don’t always have to stay up late, and the Californians don’t always have to get up early. I confess, I get mixed up. I cancel dates thinking I’m booked at 4 pm when really I’m booked at noon. This gets even more tricky for the people I work with – they have homes on both coasts of the US and crucial appointments in both places. Or they have phones and laptops that travel with them across multiple time zones to call on clients. We’ve been resorting to various work arounds and web tools, but with Apple’s soon to be released operating system, Mavericks, all this is about to get simpler. Time zone support will do much more than just reset your clock for you, hooray, and clever Alaskan tech blogger Rob LeFebre spells it out in greater detail at Cult of Mac. I’m very excited about this new improvement to Mac OS X, and it’s coming soon.


Meanwhile, here’s an inspiring little article from Surfer Magazine about one of my heroes, Judith Sheridan, a denizen of Mavericks, to make the legendary California surf break Apple has named their new operating system for more real.